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Photos courtesy of E. Lilley / D. Raby


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woman of note

Posted by Laurie Yoh on Apr 1, 2014

Our Woman of Note for March is Donna Schanck. Recently, in addition to fulfilling her regular responsibilities as Chorus Choreo-grapher, Donna has been offering all of us extra help as we prepare for our performances in Reno and Baltimore. She has held extra practice sessions before regular rehearsals for those who need work on the choreography for Gimme Gimme. She has created and stored online written versions of the choreography for contest materials that can be used for review or to teach new members. Everything this talented performer and educator does, she does with sensitivity, good humor, and seemingly unlimited patience. Donna, you may sing baritone, but in dance we are always happy to follow your lead!  




We're heading to Baltimore! As the 2013 Region 12 Champion Chorus, we'll be taking the stage in Baltimore in 2014 to compete against first place choruses from around the world!

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  • Region 12 Compeition - Reno
    April 24-27, 2014

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