MVC Zoom Author Chat Eileen Garvin

7:00pm, Mon, Sep 20 2021

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    Description: MVC Zoom Author Chat Eileen Garvin
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    Eileen is a caretaker of approximately 60,000 bees and is an  author of fiction, memoir, personal essay and creative nonfiction. 

    Her book Music of Bees, released in April, tells the story of three lonely strangers in Oregon who are brought together through happenstance on a local beefarm.  It's a warm, never-too-late-to-start-over book.  And there are interesting tidbits about bees--did you know they "hum" in Middle C? 

    Her memoir How to be a Sister: A Love Story With a Twist of Autism (published in 2010) speaks to Eileen's relationship with her older sister Margaret who was diagnosed with severe autism at age three.

    Check out Eileen's website for information on her books and her blog: